Songwriter box

The songwriter box

The songwriter box is a heart crafted collection of educational resources and strategies created by Marisol Credle to guide and equip the blossoming songwriter with the tools and knowledge to create with confidence, market themselves as a pro, establish their personal brand, develop themselves and learn the business behind the song- All in one affordable box!

Inside the box

A Step by step Guide

The gifted Songwriters guide to self-development, branding and music business was created to get you started on the right music path. 

You will learn:

Step by step guide to songwriter
The Secret Song Journal

The Secret Song Journal

Includes over 120 writing prompts and exercises created to keep you on top of your writing game!

Brand & Business Planner

A customized Brand and Business planner specifically created for the new and growing songwriter.  Stay organized, increase your productivity and be prepared for opportunities that come your way with this one of kind planner for songwriters. Outline your one-page business plan, your company vision, streams of income, weekly + monthly progress, keeping track of your song projects and so much more included in your 90-day planner!

Planner to sucess songwriter

Planner Stickers

You will be supplied with two sheets of custom stickers specifically created for the music creator to apply to your planner and/or journal. Planning should be exciting! Have fun.

Tote Bag

A 100% cotton tote bag to carry your planner, guide and journal.

Top Secret TV

Access to Exclusive videos

You will have exclusive access to video content on networking and creating opportunities for yourself as a songwriter, mindset coaching 8-week program, pitching your songs to networks, co-writing, intro to songwriting and so much more!

SOCIAL MEDIA KIT + how to video

A downloadable social media kit that you can customize for your content on Instagram.  Check out the how-to video on your exclusive membership access site so you so can receive step-by -step directions on how to create your own graphics.


Invitation to a private Facebook groups

You will have an invite to join a private exclusive Facebook group where you will get to join in on online chats with Marisol, network with other music creators and share ideas and tips along your journey. 

A songwriter agreement template

Download your songwriting agreement template that you can customize to fit your needs. The songwriter agreement is called a split sheet. It is used when you are writing a song with co-writers to split the writing and publisher share for a song.

Song Catalogue template

The song catalogue for every music publisher will be a great place to keep your published songs organized and in one place with your publishing information, keywords, descriptions of your songs and percentage splits.

500 ML Stainless steel Water bottle

Free for the first 100 who purchases a box!


Most frequent questions and answers

We’d love to help find a way to get the box in your hands. Please reach out to info@topsecretsongwriter.com for assistance in placing on international order. Shipping costs may vary on these orders.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and view the exclusive videos. This email will be sent to you the same week the box ships.

Anyone is welcome to purchase the box. However, best ages are 16+.

We do not accept returns or refunds at this time, but we value your feedback. You are welcomed to email us at info@topsecretsongwriter.com to share your concerns.

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